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    Greene County Courthouse Project Development



    Plan remains for courthouse project to be completed in October

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007


    Progress continues to be made in the Greene County Courthouse addition/renovation project and it's anticipated that work will be completed in October.

    Project manager Jim Corey reported at Wednesday morning's monthly meeting of the Greene County Building Corporation that every thing is still on track to have all of the offices relocated in their permanent locations by sometime in October.

    "It looks like we are on a clear path to have this (project) done in October," he said. "Weddle is doing a good job since they came back to work."

    Commissioner's President Bart Beard, Building Corporation Attorney Marilyn Hartman and Building Corporation President Amos Musselman plan to do a "walk through" of the facility with Corey this morning (Thursday) to get an actual update on what progress has been made.

    In action at Wednesday's meeting, the Building Corporation approved three change-orders from Weddle Brothers Construction Company -- amounting to $90,917 -- that primarily dealt with items that Corey said were 're-engineered' from the original plans done by DLZ Architects.

    They are all items that were missed in the rehab plans and termed as "design defects" by Corey. Change order No. 72 amounted to $18,254, Change order No. 75 was $36,492 and Change order No. 76 tallies $36,171.

    "They (the original architects) missed all of the walls, all of the plaster repair. It's all part of the damages we are seeking (in the lawsuit)," Corey said. "When we get done with this thing I want to be able to show you folks that is much better than we had. In order to do that, we have to do these things."

    Corey explained that of the three change-orders, the only new add-on was a $1,200 charge for cabling to hook up the 4-D Child Support Program to a statewide reporting network -- which was a recent requirement added in the last year.

    The project manager said it's important to remember that the entire project is completed and all the costs known before the county can be ready to pursue a lawsuit against the original architects, engineers (United Consulting Engineers) and the general contractor (Weddle Brothers Construction Company).

    "We have to get done before we figure out what our damages are," he stressed. "My personal opinion is, if the original design engineer would have taken the personal time to look into this thing before they designed it, we could have prevented some of these things. As contractors, we don't know there is a problem until we get in there and start tearing things out."

    Corey added, "It is going to look nice when we get done. I've tried to minimize costs where we could. But it's going to be nice and something you all can be proud of."

    The addition/renovation project is actually at least three years behind schedule after it has been hampered by design flaws, cracked walls, extra foundation support that was required, a prolonged work stoppage by the general contractor and other problems.

    The $17 million construction project is an estimated $6.5 million over its original contract price and the county is pursuing legal action to recover its damages caused by design flaws and numerous delays.

    The suit -- seeking recovery of damages incurred by the county -- is now pending Owen Circuit Court and is slated for trial in October 2008. The case is set for mediation in February 2008, according to Corey.


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