PayPal Funds Transfer


Go to

               Login to Your Account


To Transfer Money to Bank Account

            Click Withdrawal

            Then click Transfer funds to Bank Account......

               Then put in amount to transfer to bank account and click Continue......

NOTE:  You will have to have a checking account confirmed within PayPal to do any funds transfer.  To set this up see below.....

After clicking Continue the funds will be in process of transferring (this could take 3-5 days).

You will see this activity under your my account overview.....

To Set Up Bank Account Within PayPal

Go to

Login to your account

Go to Profile

Click Bank Accounts

Click Add

When you come to the add page this is where you will need all your account information.  You will need the routing number off of your check and account number.  Bank name will be Bloomfield State Bank.  Click Add Bank Account when all fields are finished.

After clicking Add Bank Account, you will come to this screen that tells the details of what will happen next

Click continue when finished (it will be at the bottom of the information page).....

You will now see your account under bank account....

After you do the steps mentioned in the informational sheet, log back in and confirm account when you have the two small deposit amounts.  At that time you can make the account the primary account by clicking "Make Primary".

This will complete adding a bank account, now you will be able to transfer funds to your account.